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Malibu Boats Switzerland | Uninautic

A Place to enjoy all things Malibu and to embrace those special Malibu moments on the water.


We are pleased and happy to be part of the great big Malibu Dealer family. We are proud to import and sell those boats into Swiss Market and are very much looking forward to selling the new products Malibu is putting into the market.
We are convinced of the quality and the performance of the Malibu boats. We are eager to the start of each new spring season to be able to ride the new boats with our customers. With Malibu and its excellence in performance we have just the right boat for every need in water sport !


Uninautic is one of the leader in motorboat import and sales in Switzerland. We started 1994 as a tiny company (1 person) at the upper end of Neuchâtel. During all the years the growth of Uninautic has never ended.
Already in 1997 we sold our first Malibu, at that time already a Wakesetter. Since over 20 years our growth never ended, today we have 2 locations, one in 1445 Vuiteboeuf (large service facility) and our main location in the harbor of 2068 Hauterive.
We service and store over 300 boats during winter times. With very well trained mechanics and specialized workers, we are able to supply today all the jobs needed around a Malibu. Our main future project is the construction of a private harbor with over 150 berths.


The missions of UNINAUTIC are:
To satisfy our customer by helping them provide the best boat for their needs and their money. For a new of new or used boat.
To satisfy our customer with good work and service at a market reasonable pricing.
To be present and accompany our customers during the time they have their boat with good service and advice.
We aim to achieve continually to be better and work hard for it.
To be fair as well with our customers, our suppliers and our workers. If we achieve this, it will be fair to ourselves too.